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Week Ending 02 December 2016

Another varied and interesting week as Chair of the Board of Directors at Chulmleigh Academy Trust.

DoE and 10 Tors

Another weekend when students were on Dartmoor practising for DoE and 10 Tors. These opportunities are possible for young people at Chulmleigh Community College because of the dedication and enthusiasm of staff and parent volunteers. I consider these activities as brilliant activities that contribute to personal and social development. The skills and qualities these activities development include, for example, thinking/decision-making skills, stamina, resilience, and teamwork. While I don’t actively participate in these activities I am grateful to Facebook where regular posting keep me well informed.

Monday Morning

Monday morning started with another early morning meeting of the Trust’s Strategic Development Group. This meeting focused on the development of the Training School initiative and the role Chulmleigh Academy Trust might play.

Again, this week, being in the College early, it was possible to attend the weekly staff briefing session. I consider it important that staff know who Directors are and this briefing is one way I can be visible at the College.

The first meeting of the College's Academy Advisory Group was held on Monday. The Group has been established as part of the Trust's governance structure and supports our compliance with the Master Funding Agreement the Trust has with the Secretary of State. It also reflects a refinement of the Trust's Articles of Association which is now possible following five years’ experience as a Multi-academy Trust.  Each of the Trust's schools will have an Academy Advisory Group.

The College’s Academy Advisory Group includes two parents (Cecilia Busby and Stan Rae - previously Parent Advisers), Deputy Executive Headteacher, Neil Payne, Executive Headteacher, Mike Johnson and Chair of the Board of Directors, Steve Baber. The Group will meet at least three times a year and focus on aspects of the school including Achievement, Ethos, Behaviour and Safety, Parent / Staff Liaison, Premises and Facilities and use of Resources.

At this first meeting the focus was on achievement and Neil provided a report about assessment, target setting and prediction for GCSE outcomes. The Group will meet again next term.

Wednesday Morning

On Wednesday morning I had a visit to East Worlington Primary School to learn more about the work they are doing in Maths. This provided me with an opportunity to visit all the learning groups at the school including Pre-school, Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (year 6 are taught at the Year 6 Academy in Chulmleigh). On my visit I was able to observe teaching, look at pupil’s work, talk with pupils about their learning and observe the learning environment, including wall displays, library area and outdoor facilities.

I also visited the refurbishment of the Old School House building which is part of the school. While the upstairs area is not in use yet it as a teaching area it has been well equipped with technology to support teacher, equipment purchased by the support of the PTFA.

Thursday Afternoon

On Thursday afternoon we held a scheduled Board of Directors Meeting. The Annual General Meeting was also held. Those involved in the meeting consisted of Directors, Members, Senior Leaders, and Company Secretary. The Members, Board of Directors and Senior Leaders represent a very broad range of skills and expertise and this provides for strong governance and leadership.


I’m continuing to use Twitter to share some of the things I am involved in, my thoughts on key educational issues, and to generally support the work of Chulmleigh Academy Trust.