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Data: Understanding our schools well

This entry provides information about my and Directors approaches to understand pupil performance through data.

As part of my role as a Director and Chair it is important I know our schools well.  In the last few weeks I have had a targeted focus on getting a good understand of pupil performance this year. This has involved time monitoring pupil performance across our schools.

It is vital that all pupils and students achieve ‘all they are capable of achieving’ and therefore it is important that Directors have an understanding of the different challenges facing different pupils and students and how these are overcome through high quality teaching. In analysing overall performance of all pupils / students I, (and all Directors) consider performance of different groups including: boys / girls; PP pupils; SEND pupils; high ability pupils; children in care; ethnicity; vulnerable pupils; etc.

This has involved looking at key data on pupil progress and projected outcomes. For our primary schools, I had a very informative meeting with Tracy Dodd, Executive Deputy Headteacher and analysed the data provided for me.

At Chulmleigh Community College I met with Nick Smith, SENCO and in this meeting focussed on Y11 Pupil Premium and SEND student’s performance. This builds on my knowledge of overall pupil performance reported on at the Board Standards Committee meetings.

The Board has two Standards Committees, one for primary and one for secondary. In both these meetings data is presented to Directors by Senior Leaders (Tracy Dodd, Primary) and Neil Payne, Secondary) and this provides an opportunity for scrutiny, to ask questions for deeper understanding and to challenge.

Data is a very important element of understanding how well our pupils and students perform but it is important that Directors have a good understanding of the ‘story’ of teaching and learning that secures and contributes to outcomes. This happens through school visits and through challenging and constructive questioning.

I look forward to end of year outcomes to confirm pupil progress and achievement during 2016/2017.