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Week Ending 2nd May 2014

Tuesday - Meeting Mike - Meeting Adrian - Meeting Linda and Adrian

Wednesday - Lapford Primary School - Meeting Angela and Jackie - Meeting Lorraine (Pre-school)

Thursday - Meeting Mark (new Directors Induction) - Chulmleigh Primary School

Tuesday morning I had my weekly meeting with Mike. On our agenda this week was

  • Ofsted - East Worlington and Chulmleigh Community College 
  • Continuing Professional Development 
  • Update on GCSE
  • Update on Strategic Plan Presentation
  • Buildings Programme

I had my weekly meeting with Adrian Wade (Company Secretary) re-Trust-related issues and updates.

I met with Adrian and Linda Morris to set the agendas for future meetings of the Resources Committee  and the Business Development Committee.

Wednesday afternoon I visited Lapford Primary School. The purpose of the visit was for me to learn more about Reception and Key Stage 1. I meet with Angela Joslin and Jackie Boch who provided me with lots of information about teaching and learning in early years and KS1. I had a tour of the school and spent some time in Holly Class. Following the visit to the school I met with Angela and Lorraine Kigongo (Pre-school Leader) to learn more about the pre-school and the work with the school.

Thursday morning I meet Mark Corden, a new Director, as part of his induction support. We met at Lapford Primary School.

Following this meeting I went to Chulmleigh Primary School for a visit. This was my first visit following the Ofsted Inspection last term when the school was graded Outstanding. I met with Linda Lindley. The focus of the visit was the learning environment. We discussed the use of wall displays as part of teaching and learning and also the ethos of the school. Linda took me on a tour of the school and I visited every classroom.