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Week Ending 13th June 2014

Monday - Meeting Adrian and Mike

Wednesday - Visit the Art and Technology Exhibition at Chulmleigh Community College

Monday Morning

Weekly meeting with Mike. Our agenda this week included:

  • 'Closing the Gap' focus - follow-up from T&L Committee discussion
  • Staffing
  • Succession Planning - Professional Development and Career Development Needs
  • Progress update with new building at CCC.
  • Director Vacancy
  • Director visits to the College

Weekly meeting with Adrian. Our Agenda this week included:

  • Strategic Plan next steps
  • Director Vacancy
  • Director visits to CCC.
  • Business Development

Wednesday Afternoon

Visit to the GCSE Art and Technology Exhibition at Chulmleigh Community College. This was an exceptional exhibition that showcased the GCSE work of students in Art and Technology. The quality and standard was impressive and the wide variety of projects on display demonstrated the ability of the College to support the individuality and creativity of all students. Well done to students and staff. While at the Exhibition I was able to learn more about the courses the students followed and the assessment processes from Simon Ashby, Technology Team Leader; Sara Feasey, Expressive Arts Team Leader; and Naomi Le Couilliard, Art Teacher.