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Week Ending 17th October 2014

Monday Morning - Director's school visit to Science at Chulmleigh Community College and weekly meeting with Mike

Wednesday Morning - Attended Babcock training on Special Educational Needs

Monday Morning - Arrived at Chulmleigh Community College for staff briefing. There is a staff breifing every morning at 8.45am. Spending most of the morning with Helen Wall, Acting Head of Science. Attended her Tutor Group session. Tuttor Group are organised 'vertically' with studnets from all year groups within a Tutor Group. Observed three different lessons one with year 10 students and two with year 11 students. The visit to Science provided an opportunity to learn more about teaching and learning in Science, talk with students about their work and look at their work including how targets are set and how marking provides students feedback. Time was spent with the Science staff team to undersatnd more about their work. Left Science at 13.20.

Monday Morning - Weekly meeting with Mike. Our agenda included:

  • SEF for CCC
  • Pupil Premium Information
  • Ofsted Handbook Inspection Criteria
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management / Pay Progression / CPD
  • Funding for EWPS building
  • Planning progress for CCC and CPS building application
  • Staffing update
  • Update on student issues

Wednesday Morning - Attended Babcock Governor/Director training in Tiverton. The topic was Special Educational Needs. The SEN Code of Practice changed on 1st September and this session provided information about  SEN and the Children and Families Act 2014, Statutory Regulations and the new Code of Practice. The focus was on Governors/Directors responsibilities. This training was extremely helpful in ensuring Chulmleigh Academy Trust Board of Directors are well-informed about current SEN requirements.