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Fishy Fun on Friday 13th!

Y7's visit the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth

On Friday 13th March, year 7 visited the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.  The science trip aimed to support the students understand adaptations and how they help marine organisms survive in different habitats.  Another strong theme was classification and ‘how do we know something is a fish?’  During their guided tours, students were able to see a shark nursery, the wildlife common to Plymouth Sound, the resident octopus of the aquarium and the aquarium’s jellyfish breeding facility.  Many students gasped as they observed sharks and sting rays swimming both above and below them.  A firm favourite amongst the teachers was seeing jellyfish under UV light and learning that some crabs put jelly fish upside down on their backs and use them as a defence against predation.

I am grateful for the strong parental support for this trip and for the staff who came along with us.  A great time was had, full of science and fun.

Kayleigh Parker – Science Teacher

‘It was fascinating to learn about all of the different types of fish.  It will not only help me in science, but also in our art topic as well.’ – Coco Fifield, 7A

‘I really enjoyed the aquarium trip and I learnt lots of new things.  Who would have thought that male seahorses carried the eggs?’ – Noah Sadek, 7A

‘My favourite part of the trip was when we sat under the curved glass wall and we could see the under belly of the manta rays.  Also I enjoyed learning about their octopus.’ – Florrie Murch, 7A.