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    Don't worry if you missed our Key Stage 2 Open Evening - just give us a call on 01769 580215 and we'll happily arrange a tour of the school at a time to suit you. Every day is an open day!

    Eden Project

    The sky was blue, it was lovely and warm and what a sight to see! The children took on the role of explorers in the Tropical Biome, where their task was to find as much as they could to survive in the jungle - with no modern aids what so ever. No compass, map, water bottle, food or shelter. They soon discovered that everything they needed was all around them. Huge amounts of food, clean water locked away in bamboo trunks, shelters that could be made from bamboo and palm leaves and even medicines to get them well if they fell ill. They learned a huge amount about survival and came back to tell the tale. They also explored the Mediterranean Biome, searching out many beautiful plants, including one from Australia called a Kangaroo Paw! It was a wonderful day and one which will take a long time to forget. Great!