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Year Six Academy

Roman Day

Would be become Romans? Would we accept their rule? Would we fight?

The Romans are coming!

Year 6 had an amazing Roman day, led by Oly Martin from Exeter Museum, when we learnt about the Romans in Devon. In the morning we were the Britons with a difficult decision to make. Roman soldiers were getting nearer – we sat around a camp fire in our tribal hut wearing our Briton clothes and thought about our lives. We were able to examine artefacts and consider the story which we had heard about another tribe, and the losses suffered fighting the Romans.

A Roman messenger arrived and told us that we had to decide whether to join the ‘civilised’ Romans as a Roman citizen; remain as a tribe but accept Roman rule and pay them taxes or to fight them.

We debated and we made offerings to our gods, but we couldn’t agree which to choose.

Later we had the chance to examine Roman artefacts and to dress as soldiers and Roman ladies. The Roman lifestyle was tempting; they had perfumes, herbs, spices, weapons and even toilets!

Next we learnt to fight like Romans. We used discipline, teamwork and organisation to create a well drilled army – we needed to train hard and prepare to fight………….the year ones (who were now the Britons), armed with rocks (plastic balls)!

Our hard work and training in the rain paid off and we managed to divide the year ones and surround them – they were conquered!

Some of us thought that to fight the Romans would be suicide, others still wanted to fight for right to live as Britons under our own terms.

What would you do?

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