Chulmleigh Academy Trust

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Chulmleigh College

Chulmleigh Community College, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7AA

Extra Curricular Sports


Lunch Time

After school (15.45-16.45)


All Yrs Badminton (JC) SH

Yr 7-8 Rugby (BP) Field

Yr 7-9 Girls Football (DH) Muga

Cross Country (CS) Field

Fitness (JC) FS

Chulmleigh Primary School


Yr 8/9 Netball (KF) SH

Yr 10/11 Football (DH) Field

Yr10/11 Girls Football (DH) Muga (Oct 1/2 term)

Yr 9 Rugby (BP) Field

Fitness (PC) FS

Netball Fixtures (KF)

Football & Rugby Fixtures (BP & DH)


Yr 7 Netball (KF) SH

Yr 10-11 Rugby (BP) Field

Yr 9 Football (DH) Field

Fitness (DV) FS

Chulmleigh Primary School


Yr 7 Football (DH) Field

All Yrs Gymnastics (BP) SH

Table Tennis (BP) SH

Yr 10/11 Netball (KF) TC

Yr 10 Rugby (WR) Field

Fitness (JP) FS

Badminton / Fitness Suite (BP)

Football & Rugby Fixtures (DH)


Yr 8 Football (DH) Field

Yr 9-11 Girls Rugby (BP) Field

All Yrs Badminton (BP) SH

All Yrs Hockey  (PC) Astro

NOTE: You must have a gum shield to participate in hockey and rugby

Staff Sport