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Chulmleigh Primary School

Beacon Road, Chulmleigh, Devon EX18 7AA Tel:01769 580535

Who's Who


Lully Newman

I am very lucky to be Head of School at such a wonderful place as Chulmleigh Primary School!  Having taught within Chulmleigh Academy Trust for the last six years, as a KS1/Reception teacher and EYFS Lead, working closely with our preschool, I have had the privilege of  knowing many of the children since they first began their journey through our school.  I believe passionately in the benefits of children learning through experience and have just as much fun in our outdoor learning sessions as the four year olds I teach!  We have astonishingly dedicated staff at Chulmleigh and I am very excited to be leading such a strong and dynamic team.  


Alex Whapham

Hi, I'm Miss Whapham and I am new to Chulmleigh this year. I teach Year 6 in the mornings at Chulmleigh Primary School and teach KS2 across the Academy in the afternoons. I think that I'm very lucky that I get to teach and get to know children at each of the schools! I am also the ICT coordinator across the Academy. My favourite subject is Maths and I enjoy showing children that Maths can be exciting. My dream lesson would involve all the children working together, helping each other and having fun!  


Jacob Smith

This year I have the privilege of teaching Tavy class at Chulmleigh’s unique Year 6 academy. I am new to the primary this year having previously worked as a Year 6 teacher in Oxford as well as in a variety of educational roles in both Oxfordshire and Devon. I am particularly interested in the teaching of languages and am MFL co-ordinator for the school.

I look forward to an exciting year and welcome any questions or queries about the year 6 academy you may have.


Catherine Duhig

Hello! I am excited to be teaching in Year 4/5 this year and work with older children in KS2. I have already seen lots of my lovely class before in Year 3 however it's exciting to welcome lots of new faces too. I enjoy reading and sharing my love of books with the children; I am particularly a fan of David Walliams and love how his stories are so silly but often have a moral to be learnt! Apart from teaching in Year 4/5, I am also maths co-ordinator across the academy schools. It's my job to make sure everybody is enjoying their learning in these lessons as they rise to a mathematical challenge! I have high expectations of the children in my class and encourage them to develop into independent learners. Although we work extremely hard, it is important to remember to have fun whilst we are learning too!


Alice Bagshaw

I am also a new teacher to this friendly and wonderful school. I am the other year 4/5 teacher and have really enjoyed getting to know my class so far. My favourite subject is PE but I really am quite enthusiastic about most things.  I love the beach and plan on spending my spare time surfing in the waves or playing rounders on the sand. I am an active person and find it hard to sit still unless I'm reading Harry Potter or watching a favourite movie.


Kirstin le Gros (Kirsty)

Hello! I am very excited to have joined such a friendly and passionate staff at Chulmleigh as the new year 3 class teacher. I have moved back to Devon to be closer to my family after studying in London and teaching there for the past 4 years. I have been lucky enough to teach in both KS1 and KS2, in two outer London city schools, and specialise as an art lead and science leader. I look forward to continuing my leadership as the science co-ordinator in this fun and inspiring school; as well as running after school science clubs for KS1 and KS2. I believe all children should be encouraged to have a love for learning and I try to promote this through creating a stimulating, vibrant and supportive classroom environment. I look forward to this forthcoming year with high expectations and a smile on my face!

In my spare time I enjoy reading autobiographies and romance novels. I love to try my hand at cooking, exploring with new flavours, although this isn’t always successful! When I get some spare time, I also enjoy swimming, going to the cinema and spending quality time with my family.


Kelly Stapley


Vicki Tucker

Becky Cummins


Becky Cummins

I am delighted to be working as part of a dedicated and supportive team in the PFSU.  I share the teaching of the Reception Class children with Lully Newman.  In addition, this year I am undertaking a project across the Academy Primaries to support Speech and Language development.  I have been teaching Foundation Stage children for 20 years and consider it a privilege to be supporting children at the start of their learning journey.  I look forward to an exciting and fun year ahead.


Christine Pugsley

I have the pleasure of working with the staff and children at Chulmleigh Primary School as the Assistant Special Needs Coordinator (Assistant SENCo). I am available, in person, on a Thursday morning in school but can be contacted by email at or by phone at East Worlington Primary School 01884 861722 at any time.

I will also continue to monitor the 'Gifted and Talented' provision across all the Primary Schools and I look  forward to hearing from the children who attend the enrichment courses.



Gina Randall

I am the Early Years Manager and Administrator of Chulmleigh Preschool. I am passionate about my role within the CPFSU, where I lead the Writedance, singing and drama with the reception and preschool children.