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  • Open Events September & October 2021

    Considering Chulmleigh College for September 2022 entry?
    We are offering a number of small group tours with our Executive Headteacher Michael Johnson, Deputy Executive Headteacher Neil Payne and SENDCO Laura Mackie. After school for those who may not be able to visit in working hours and morning tours for those who wish to visit during a normal school day.  Being able to see the school ‘in action’ provides an excellent window into what we offer here, and with the tours being led by our Senior Leadership Team in a small group environment, you will have ample opportunities to ask any questions you may have. 
    We are offering a wide range of dates for these tours, please click on the links below to book.
    After school tours: Morning tours:
    Year 6 Taster Morning Saturday 16th October 9am-12pm We are delighted to be able to offer prospective pupils the chance to attend a Taster Morning at the College, where they will experience a range of lessons and activities.


ICT Safety Policy

Statement of Intent

CAT Preschools Limited recognises that information and communication technology (ICT) can be a valuable resource for children and adults to communicate and learn when used safely. We follow clear and agreed procedures when using ICT. The safe use of ICT is overseen by our designated officer who co-ordinates child protection issues:


Use of the internet

  • Children have access to a computer, which can be connected to the internet, and sometimes to an interactive whiteboard. Both are supervised by staff at all times when in use.
  • The computer has an internet filter installed to identify which websites are suitable for children and to protect children from viewing unsuitable material.
  • Internet access is only via a secure password.
  • Computer and internet use is time limited.

Use of cameras and images of children

  • Personal cameras are not used within the setting. Only the authorised setting camera’s and Ipads are used to take images. Some images are printed and used for wall displays, or uploaded on to Tapestry Online Learning Journals, to support individual child’s observations and provide evidence of their development. With parental written authorisation, some photos may be used for the Academy website or Facebook page, or for local press. Once put onto the computer the images are deleted from the camera.
  • Parental permission is sought to take photographs to aid observations and assessment and for use in our records. We also ask parental permission to use photographs on our website, Academy Facebook page and in newsletters and other marketing such as our leaflet and brochure. Signatures are gained initially on the preschool registration forms, and updated signed permission slips are stored with the children’s records.

Use of mobile phones

  • Mobile phones are not used within the setting.  All staff must have their own personal mobiles stored with their personal possessions during sessions. There is a notice on display prohibiting the use of mobile phones.
  • On outings, designated staff will take a mobile phone with a list of contact numbers. Parents are given the number of the phone that is being used on that day, in case they need to contact the preschool for any reason.

Social networking sites

  • Social networking sites are never used in the preschool.
  • Staff do not discuss children, staff or parents when using social networking sites at homefor personal use.

ICT misuse

  • If misuse or incidents related to ICT are reported, they should be referred to the individual preschools designated safeguarding officers, who will log each incident and take appropriate action.