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We follow the government guidance set out in the Primary Framework for the teaching of English (Literacy), and we plan units of teaching for Literacy through an integrated curriculum structure so that there is a real context for the work undertaken.

From their very first day at school children will be systematically taught the skills they need to be able to read independently. Phonics teaching begins when the children join the Early Years Foundation Stage, and while children are developing their ability to recognise, use and blend letter sounds, they are introduced to the joy of reading through immersion in picture books, big books, stories and factual books.

Reading books for them to take home are carefully graded to ensure that children are being appropriately challenged. We value and recognise the support of parents, and give guidance about how you can help your child to read, both in the early stages and later on, when they are really fluent. We also have extra support available from specially trained teaching assistants for any children who are not making the appropriate progress, believing that early intervention is best.

Please view the pdfs below for guidance on how you can support your child with reading.