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Curriculum Overview 2022-2023
Curriculum Overview 2023-2024
Curriculum Overview 2024-2025

Curriculum Intent

At East Worlington Primary School, we make children’s learning exciting, fun, meaningful and challenging. We insist on high standards, which we are then proud to share.

  • Our work starts with an exciting experience or challenge to capture the children’s interest and generate enthusiasm.
  • Assessment forms an essential part of planning and monitoring, using ipsative, formative and summative assessments.
  • A high quality outcome brings together the children’s learning in a meaningful way that is shared with parents and the community.
  • Curriculum skills and knowledge are taught rigorously through a range of engaging and challenging activities and through pre-teaching and overlearning, it is ensured that the children retain this learning.

We want the learning experience for all of our pupils to be memorable so that they are ready for the next step in their journey. Staff draw on each other's expertise and have designed a curriculum offer that we believe creates well-rounded, life-long learners who are prepared for the challenges and adventures that await them.

Our curriculum intent is underpinned by the National Curriculum. Subject leaders have worked hard in putting learning into meaningful contexts that are built upon year-on-year, as children progress through the school.

Our curriculum is designed to enable children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through a creative and thematic approach to learning. This is shown in the overview of the extended curriculum document, and covers the overarching concepts included. Knowledge-Organisers have been carefully designed to identify the key information and essential knowledge that the children need to have learned by the end of the topic. The staff at East Worlington Primary School implement their curriculum through promoting a ‘go for it’ attitude, supporting children to take responsibility for themselves, when appropriate. 'Growth mindset' is at the heart of our teaching.

We believe that we are all on a learning journey together and because of this, our staff continually reflect upon the impact of our teaching through assessment, surveys, discussions, learning walks and data scrutiny. If we need to adapt our teaching, we will, because the most important thing is that our pupils are challenged, prepared and are happy learner.

Themes are planned over a three-year cycle. This is designed to be a spiralling curriculum that builds year-on-year for the pupils.

National Primary Curriculum (external link)